Before two years ago, some people especially those who work in their homes and offices were not getting enough sunlight. Now, because of the lockdown and the need to stay at home to lessen COVID-19 infections, most of us are taking classes and working our jobs within the four walls of our homes. What makes this alarming? Considering the amount of time we have no exposure to sunlight, natural air, and nature, physical and mental effects could be expected. There are a lot of ways on how to get more sunlight and window replacement is one. Having a good, functional window can give you lighter when you are studying or working at home.  



But why is it important to get more sunlight? We give you the list below: 


  1. You will have a healthier body – When the sunlight touches your skin, it gives your skin vitamin D, which in itself, a good vitamin and an important hormone to your body. Moreover, vitamin D is important to maintain good levels of calcium in your body. Consuming calcium without having adequate vitamin D and other vitamins is futile because your body will have less ability to absorb the calcium consumed. Calcium is an important element to your teeth, nails, and bones development and health. 
  2. It will increase your focus leading to productivity – have you wondered why office buildings do have some rows of windows? This is because the natural light of the sun gives you more energy that is needed to be productive in a day. This is also backed up by several research. One research finds that the more a person is exposed to natural light, the more focused and productive he/she will become. Moreover, natural lights help reduce eyestrain that can be very damaging to both your eyes and overall productivity. So, if you find yourself slow, foggy, unenergetic, and unproductive, having some healthy amount of sunlight exposure can be the best answer. 
  3. It will improve your sleep cycle – research shows that exposure to natural light correlates to the production and release of hormones that regulate our sleep. In this way, an individual who has natural light exposure will surely mend his sleeping habits especially those who have insomnia and have difficulty in sleeping at night. It is important to take note that 12:00 until 3:00 is the time interval where our body is in the weakest state and staying awake in these hours can be harmful. A 15–30-minute healthy exposure to sunlight per day can effectively improve your sleeping habit. 
  4. It will boost your immune system – vitamin D, which sunlight gives to your skin, is also an important element to activate T-cells, the white blood cells that kill viruses and bacteria in the body. Without vitamin D, T-cells will remain dormant and ineffective. So, being exposed to sunlight and having that extra vitamin D will help you fight off viruses and that can include COVID-19 viruses. 


In general, being exposed to sunlight in a healthy amount is very beneficial to your body and mind. So, while covid-19 is still in the surge, protect yourself at home by taking care of your health.